Monday, July 9, 2012

My Job Hunt or How To Screw Up Your Life!

I got my confirmation call today. I will NOT be attending CSULA this fall. Thank you, Mr. Chairez, for ruining my life.

It's a sad day for me. Even though I knew in the back of mind this would happen, it just sucks that it had to come true. I promised myself I would finish college because I so rarely finish what I start. It's a bad habit that has cost me lots of time.

I'm trying to look on the bright side of it though. I'm still finishing this dreaded math class (algebra has been the bane of my college existence) and I'm still going to go to college and maybe this is my chance to get something better. CSULA isn't the holy grail of schools and with my GPA and academic record, I could probably be doing a lot more. Like my boyfriend said, this is probably God's way of slapping me and saying..."what are you doing with your life?"

In the meantime, I need a full-time job in LA. I hope that isn't a tall order. I'd need one wherever I live. Perhaps it would be possible to obtain a full-time position at the place where I already work. I shouldn't even look until August when summer school is over but I like to get a jump start on things. Hopefully I'll get something. 

I have a math test tomorrow and I'm ready. I'm going to move like this day never happened.



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  1. I believe that this is a good thing for you. Getting used to LA will be easier without school. Plus a full time job will help, and who says you can't do groundlings eh? So you have way more options than you know.


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