Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Good Help Is HARD To Find

Last semester I committed Academic Suicide by taking a college level math class at night.

I didn't have a choice. 

Once you've been at a college for too long, they start giving you hints that they want you gone, like giving you a horrible registration date and cutting off your financial aid (I never had financial aid but I've seen it happen).

I tried as hard as I could to pass that class and I honestly don't see any way I could have done it. I studied, payed attention in class, asked questions, and even went for tutoring at school.

Sometimes my math was so hard that even the tutors couldn't do it without consulting a professor. It was just a weird class. 

It didn't help that our "teacher" didn't teach us. I get that we're all in charge of what we learn, but if this guy isn't going to do his job and expects us to learn everything by ourselves...then why were we forced to take his class? You can't transfer without college level math completed. I've been debating about whether to write a letter to the school or not and if I did, who to send it to.

I left a very honest review about him here. See if you can guess which one is mine. :P 

While everyone else is basking in the summer sun, I'll be making up Math 105 with a teacher who is more thorough, Mr. James. He has his fair share of bad ratings, but to each his own, right?

Next order of business: My spec!

I'm still writing the second draft in between school, work and sleep. I'm not sure how it's coming because I haven't stopped to read it. If I try to read it, I will want to change things and I've promised myself I wouldn't do that.

Two days ago I went crazy researching articles and how-to guides on writing a second draft. I found lots of help but it was all very muddled and contradicting. Some of it was just plain rubbish. I'm going to try and steer clear of said blogs and articles in order to keep myself sane. 

In the meantime, check out this new interview for Chronicles of the Dead. :)

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