Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Need to Compete!

I want to enter writing competitions. 

My boyfriend and I have decided to trash the Script-A-Thon contest in exchange for BlueCat.  What's the difference? First of all, there's less winners which means competition is steep. Second, you get feedback on your script even if you don't win and I value that. Third, the grand prize is ten grand. I'm in.

But what about other smaller contests just to get some exposure? I was looking at Writers Digest and they have contests going on all the time; at least once a month. The winner gets published in their next issue. I think that's great and I'd love to get involved. 

I've never entered any of these contests before. I've never sent my work off to be appraised and rejected...well, just once and I was really sad. This is going to be very new and scary but probably totally worth it in the end.

Are there any other smaller writing contests out there that I've overlooked?  

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