Saturday, June 16, 2012

Writing Prompt #1

The truth about the Greendale murders is that Martin and Timothy took their own lives. I know this because they told me they were going to do it.

Everybody has a friend or two that they share all their secrets with. Martin and Timothy shared their secrets with me. Two brothers, they were, and fed up with living their privileged lives. They had a strict father who was the CEO of a marketing company and an alcoholic mother who sucked at hiding her addiction.

"What can we do that would piss them off the most?" Timothy asked. I sat quietly because I would never dream of making my parents angry on purpose.

"Lets kills ourselves," Martin beamed. "It will be the ultimate 'fuck you!'"

Everyone was quiet now. I thought Martin was kidding. He was always big on making jokes. Had I known he was serious, I would have said something - anything at all. But I thought he was playing around. It's hard to remember not to blame myself for it all.

When the police found their bodies, they were still warm. At least they didn't have to rot and start smelling before someone found them. I always imagined that they were just sleeping and playing a terrible joke.

I miss my friends a lot but they had to make a statement. Their deaths pretty much ruined their parent's lives. Their dad isn't the CEO of that company anymore. He stopped working and left his wife. She still drinks too but she doesn't even try to hide it anymore.

Know how in the beginning I said these were murders? That's because people in our town didn't want to believe that two boys who had the world handed to them on silver platter would kill themselves. They kept on trying to say that Martin and timothy were murdered. I think they knew the truth the whole time but just said that to try and make his parents feel better. It worked somewhat. I guess people just like believing in a cozy lie.

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