Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Top Ten Movies

In response to my boyfriend, John, here is a list of my top ten movies.

10.) I love this movie because it's cute and it leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy. It has a good moral about appreciating what you've got and realizing when you have something special right in front of you.

9.) Seriously, who doesn't love this movie? Even on cable with the expletives deleted, it's still scary. No exorcism movie will ever compare to this one.

8.) Some of my favorite things about this one is the non linear storytelling, over the top characters, and the wacky situations they get into. The movie leaves a lot to interpretation which I happen to like. Just Google some of the weird explanations people have come up with. It also features some of my favorite actors like John Travolta and Bruce Willis!

7.) Bruce Willis again. Yes. But what I like about this movie is the funky take it has on the future. Music is weird, people dress insane and aliens on earth is normal. Besides, any movie where earth gets saved leaves me feeling happy. :)

6.) I'm not big on sequels but the first Resident Evil movie is one of my favorite zombie movies. I think I'm starting to notice a it the movies or the actors I like? Whatever! Although there's no "Alice" in the video game, I appreciate Milla Jovovich in this role. The suspense builds incredibly well and doesn't lose you. Even at the last scene when she's standing in the bare ruins of what's left of the city, you're in the moment with her.
5.) Halfway through and I was so torn what to put here but Pleasantville wins. Why? Because it's direct commentary on American society. Views on women's roles, race, relationships and sex all get neatly stacked into this movie. Plus, Fiona Apple covered "Across the Universe" for this movie which is a huge plus.

4.) If Freaky Friday grew up to be a twister murderer, you'd get Face/Off. The idea of switching bodies with someone always seemed like it would be cool...until I saw this movie. What sells it is that John Travolta's character actually starts to feel sympathy for his enemy after being forced to live with his face. 

3.) I usually hate being tricked by movies but when you find out the "bad guy" is actually trying to save the world, it makes you go, "OMG, BRILLIANT!" I was told this movie wasn't worth the disc it was burned to but I was pleasantly surprised after watching it! The only thing that gets me is the weird background scene where a blimp or plane-like object is headed straight for the Twin Towers.

2.) I've loved this movie since I was a kid! What is it with me and violence? I had a crush on Ray Liotta too. I knew the story was good even back then. 

1.) I pledge allegiance to Jurassic Park. When this movie came out on VHS, my mom bought me a copy and I watched it every single day without fail. I have this movie memorized. I could recite it to you complete with dinosaur sound effects. I love dinosaurs and I love this movie. Fuck the sequels though. :)



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