Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sometimes It Feels Like The World Is Full Of Shit!

Did I ever tell you about my interview with Saks 5th Avenue in Palm Desert back in late August? It turns out their recruiting department was trolling an old resume I uploaded to Monster dot com some years ago. A nice lady called me up and asked me if I'd like an interview. She was impressed with my resume and thought I would be good match for the company. Who was I to say no?

I was so excited. I thought, finally I'll have a full-time job because they were interviewing me for a management position. I was high and nervous, but mostly high. Nothing could bring me down off that cloud. Then the day of the interview came...

I dressed up in the most impressive outfit I could find and printed a fresh resume on that fancy paper. I was ready. My parents were excited for me and so was John. We drove down to Palm Desert together and were blown away at how fancy their mall was. I could work in a place like that. I could see myself there. John waited for me outside and I went in to do my interview.

The guy seemed nice enough. The first thing he told me was that all the money I'd be making was commission based. No sales means no money. In fact, I could end up owing money. I'd never heard of such a system before. Still somehow I kept an open mind until he asked:

"Why did you choose Saks?"

I swallowed hard. Hadn't they called me? I didn't even know Saks was hiring until I got the call from their recruiting department. I said...

"Saks chose me. I was called here because my resume impressed someone."

He wasn't impressed with my answer. He didn't even look up from his folder. I guess I was stupid to think someone actually saw my talents and wanted me for their company. It was all very misleading.

I felt lower than dirt when I left and I never heard from them again. John said was for the best because there's
no way that job would ever make me happy. My parents said it was ok. They hugged me and they were sorry.

Maybe that job wouldn't have made me happy...but not getting it didn't make me happy either. I know what I want from life and I'm trying to get it...but how can I keep plowing through full speed when I'm so hungry and so tired and desperate for more than just the leftover scraps of life?

I didn't mean to be so negative today. It wasn't my intention.


  1. Why isn't hollywood calling you? You are beyond funny.I will purchase a copy of your book,cant be that bad right?

    I think you are better than " Superhead." Hell,she had a best seller;I confess,I too read that book.Keep creating...

    I also write,but It's not about Zombies....= )


  2. Well, thank you very much! I appreciate your comment!! And the book is actually very bad. :)


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