Saturday, January 26, 2013

Adventures In Obscure YouTube Channels and Girls Who Eat Used Tampons

Her name is Giovanna Plowman; aka "The girl who ate her own period blood."

What could drive a girl to do something so deprave? She states in the video several times, "this is disgusting...I don't know why I'm doing this." Yet she does it anyway and proceeds to upload it to the internet where things don't go away very easily. Some say it was fake, but even so, is it worth potentially ruining an opportunity that you may not have even known you'd get?

Fake or not, this girl is desperate for internet fame. Some people find fame through comedy, others with song. Some people make a sex tape...this girl ate her own menstrual blood. It's hard to label her an attention seeker when so many other people are doing different variations of the same thing, right?

The internet is vast and wide. It's not the narrow hole that it used to be. It seems as if a new YouTube account springs up every second. Speaking of which, how do you find new channels? With the recent surge of independent companies and ads, it's almost impossible to find new talent. Luckily, this process has been made a little bit easier with a website I found called VidStatsX.

If you're "YouTube Famous" you can use the site to stroke your ego. I use it to find obscure channels like this one. See, YouTube does this thing where they only promote popular only the popular people get seen. I use this site to enter the "back door" of YouTube and find other channels I might like. It's a great tool if you're sick of the mainstream. I'm not trying to go all "hipster" but if I have to watch another iJustine video, I'll gouge my own eyes out.

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