Saturday, February 23, 2013

PLEASE READ: A Note to Our Supporters

There's no such thing as a "new" idea. You mad, bro?
There is nothing new under the sun...

I've heard this said many times and it has never been truer for us than right now.

Many of you may already know that there is another "Chronicles of the Dead" out there. Before we went live, I did a Google search and there was nothing. Five days later...there was a "Chronicles of the Dead dot com."

What was it?

Another zombie web series.


I freaked out. I thought, maybe we should change our name? But honestly, I had been working with that title since 2009 and I didn't want to change it. So I didn't.

The next blow came with a rude comment on YouTube:

We have all been taught that this industry is small. You never know who is who. You're supposed to be nice to people and treat them well. You never know who you're going to work with in the future. You never know who could hold your career in their hands.

The good people of Riverside County's Chronicles of the Dead do not stand for online slander and bullying. We will not "retaliate" in a hateful or unjust way.

But let it be known: This will NOT stop us. This will NOT slow us down. They can have all their friends give us the worst ratings all they want. Rate us a one on IMDB. "Dislike" our episodes. Do what you will. Just know that we will float to the top with integrity while you sink in your own filth.

I'm not here to play games. I'm here to make a web series. All of those who support us, we thank you.

Sincerely, Monica Louise Bryant

Writer/Director of Chronicles of the Dead   

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