Wednesday, January 15, 2014

5 Ways to Boost Your YouTube Success

Starting from the bottom is hard. However, staying on the bottom is surprisingly easy if you don't treat your channel or viewers with the respect they deserve. I've seen people make the stupidest mistakes when they first started and I hope you'll be smarter than they were. Here's a few things to help you out. 

1.) Thank Your Subscribers Individually:
Do you know how happy I was when I subscribed to someone's channel only to have them thank me in a comment on my page? I was VERY happy. You can change your settings on YouTube to get email notifications when people subscribe to you. Get those notifications and thank the people who subscribe! Also, if they make videos, watch a few and leave some comments. YouTube is about community so pitch in and keep it thriving.

2.) Respond to Comments and Questions:
You can thank people for compliments and answer their questions directly in the comments. Don't be lazy, do it! That's the whole point! 

3.) Like and Share Other People's Videos Outside YouTube:
Do you have Twitter and Facebook or some other social sharing site? I hope so! If you do, share other people's videos! In addition to making new friends, you'll continue to make your channel look "lived in." I love going to a channel and seeing that the person watches other people's videos and shares them and so will your viewers.

4.) Share Your Videos With Like-Minded People:
Did you make a cover or a parody of a popular song? Did you vlog about a recent event in national news? Share it with other people who have made similar videos. Leave a comment on their video or tweet them. You'll be glad you did.

5.) Don't Be Afraid to Shamelessly Self-Promote:
You are your best representative. Don't be ashamed to tweet and post your video on your other social-networking sites. There is such a thing as over posting which can get annoying, but a friendly daily reminder or two about your video is ok. Even some of the most famous people on Twitter self-promote. If you're shy about it, get un-shy. It's something you're going to have to do throughout your career.

I hope these tips help! I do realize that the bigger your channel is, responding to comments might become harder. Just do the best you can with what you have and remember to stay thankful!

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