Tuesday, January 14, 2014

5 Tips on How to Make Time for YouTube

"I want to make videos, but I don't have time."

"I used to make videos, but they're so time-consuming."

"I haven't made a video in a long time because I don't have time."

I've heard all the aforementioned excuses and have even used them myself. Most of us have full-time jobs or attend college or both and it's hard to make videos. But if making videos is truly your passion, you need to make time!

If you're feeling pressured to make videos because you promised you'd upload once a week, leaving it for the last minute could prove detrimental. Assuming that you're not completely lazy and you actually take pride in the videos you make, you want to upload something of quality. Here's 5 tips that will help you do just that!

1.) Grab a Blank Calendar:
Seriously, get one. This calendar will be dedicated to your videos. You aren't allowed to write anything in it that's not dedicated to YouTube.  

2.) Circle the Day(s) You Plan to Upload:
If you're uploading every Friday, circle all the Fridays. Write the word "UPLOAD" in these boxes as a way to remind yourself that you have a responsibility to this deadline.

3.) Plan for the Week:
You might already have an idea for what kind of video you want to upload. Assuming that it takes more than a day, break up your project into smaller pieces. For example, if you're uploading on Friday, spend Monday through Thursday scripting, shooting and editing. Write down a task each day that will help get the video done and spend as much time doing it as you can. Two hours a day over the course four days is better than one long eight-hour day (unless you have that kind of time).

4.) Plan Ahead:
On the day you upload, start brainstorming your next video idea. Already have it? Break it up into pieces and work on it through the week. 

5.) Don't Feel Bad About Taking a Break:
Seriously, you're not a robot and even machines break down. Sometimes you just don't feel like uploading. We get it. The people who love your videos will stick around even if you don't upload when you said you would. I guess what I'm trying to say is, DON'T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF. If you're busy or you truly just aren't inspired, don't worry, the viewers will be there when you get back. In the meantime, use Twitter to stay connected.

Here's a sample schedule you can modify to your needs:

MONDAY - Work on "Valley Girl" script (1 hour)
TUESDAY - Finish "Valley Girl" script (30 minutes)
WEDNESDAY - Shoot 1st half (2 hours)
THURSDAY - Shoot second half (2 hours)
FRIDAY - Edit/Upload (4 hours)
SATURDAY - Brainstorm New Video Idea (1 hour)
SUNDAY - Take a much deserved break!

TOTAL TIME: 10.5 hours

The moral of the story is: Spread your project out to make it more manageable. Videos are fun but they are work. Treat them like work and schedule them.

I hope this helps!

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