Thursday, August 14, 2014

I Love Coffee - Original Song [Free Download on SoundCloud]

Witten by: Monica Louise Bryant

Free Download HERE!

You can drink the wine
You can drink the beer
You can drink the soda, just don't bring it over here
Drink your V8, though you know its too saucy
I could drink one too, but I'd rather have coffee

I love coffee, and by the way
I drink it all night and I drink it all day
I got superhuman powers, I can stay awake
Give it to me boiling hot or make it cold like rain

I met a guy, he's a Barista
and he drinks a macchiato with his medium pizza
He works all day making drinks for strangers
but I get mine free because, "I'm the danger!"

I love coffee, hear me say
I make it myself and I have it my way
I don't consider consequences when I drink my brew
because I need all that caffeine to keep me up at school

So whether you're in college or a teacher or a mom
A doctor or a lawyer or a techie or a slob
A hipster, poet, waitress or you're homeless in the street
We all enjoy our coffee and we drink before we eat

Come on!

I love coffee, yes indeed
I need at least one before you talk to me
I have to drink a whole pot before I do my thang
Call me crazy if you want, but I drink to stay sane

I love coffee (4x)

I love coffee, more than life
I fell in love with it and I made it my wife
It doesn't matter if its instant or ground from beans
When I take that first sip I can achieve my dreams

So whether you're a pilot or a bookie or a dad
A military person or a high school grad
American, Armenian, Canadian or Jew
We all love coffee and it loves us too

Come on!

Courtesy of Google image search :)

Yes, I love coffee so much that I wrote a song about it. The lyrics are all mine but I got the audio track from YouTube. You can check out royalty free audio tracks and sound effects here

The track I used is called "Mob Battle" by Silent Partner. They have some really awesome tracks you can download and use for free!

I hope you guys like my song! Stay tuned! In the coming weeks I'm going to upload a music video for "I Love Coffee." I'm working really hard to brainstorm some really cool and fun ideas. Subscribe to my channel (here) for more awesome content today! I make new videos every week!

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