Sunday, August 10, 2014

I Hate College

Lately, nothing stresses me out more than thinking about life after college. Lots of big questions have found a place to dwell inside my head and drive me crazy.

Where am I going to work?

Where am I going to live?

How am I going to pay back my student loans?

Will I be happy?

And of course, being as proactive as I am, I took steps to remedy this now before it becomes a problem. 

I'm a theatre major. I want to act and write. I went auditions and was told I can't act because I'm too busy with if they knew my life!

If I took the hours I spent watching Netflix last year alone and combined them, it was probably enough hours to have a part-time job. 

I may be many things...BUSY is NOT one of them.

I realized the issue is not me, its everyone else. Nobody likes you when you're in college.

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