Friday, July 19, 2013

10 Things Movies Can Teach You

Here's a list of shit that you should probably already know but in case no one ever taught you, these movies will.

1.) If you're going to venture into the wilderness alone...TELL SOMEONE! 

2.) If someone calls you on the phone, says he's a cop, then proceeds to ask you do HIS job...HANG UP!

3.) Don't let your small children walk to/from school alone!

 4.) Don't go to ATM machines at night. OR, if you do go to an ATM at night, don't be a pussy about it!

5.) Don't ever babysit. Get a job at McDonald's if you need money that bad.

6.) Don't write other people's suicide notes.

7.) Take the blue pill.

8.) Don't kill someone's mom.

9.) If you don't love her, DON'T MARRY HER!

10.) Never EVER give up your humanity.

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