Sunday, October 14, 2012

What "Chronicles of the Dead" taught me

Lovely actors from our pilot: Christopher Gutierrez, Kasia La'Rae Smith and Gabriel Tanguay
I don't know everything there is to know about film or making a web series...but that's the fun part. No amount of books you read or classes you take can prepare you for the real experience. It's all trial and error. Here is an incomplete list of what Chronicles of the Dead taught me.

1.) People who care about your project as much as you do will never let you down. I was fortunate enough to work with some of the best people ever. 

2.) Rewrites are a must. Sometimes I watch episodes and cringe at the dialogue. Gee wiz...did I really write that?

3.) Kill your babies! I think that's how you say it. Anyway, you can't allow yourself to become attached to an idea or a scene or anything. Everything can be improved. 

4.) There's never a bad time to say thank you. So many people have helped us with this project. Everyone from the actors, to the people nice enough to let us into their homes to the staff writers from newspapers who interviewed us. I appreciate every single person.

5.) You don't have to be perfect. Although we wanted to be. Perfection shouldn't always be a goal, but we wanted to create something new and different. Something that people could enjoy. 

I know what mistakes I've made and I'm fully ready to face season two head on! John and I are working on the rewrites now and we want to film in the summer of 2013. Wish us luck, we need every drop!

And if you still haven't seen Chronicles of the Dead, SHAME ON YOU! Click here.     

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