Monday, July 28, 2014

Why Don't You Vlog About Your Life?

The other day someone asked me, "Why don't you vlog about your life?"

I paused life is personal. And besides, who wants to hear me talk about my life?

In addition to that, should I put my personal life on display for all to see? We know all too well that once something reaches the infinite corners of the Internet, it cannot be erased, denied or forgotten.

Putting those thoughts aside, I will say that my life off camera can be tumultuous one, just like anyone else. I suffer from stints of depression ( like most people do) that don't just go away by faking a smile. I have to actively (and tirelessly) pull myself out of it (over and over again) and that's hard. Do people want to hear about that?

Do they want to watch a 3 to 5 minute video of me talking about how I make myself happy when I feel sad or how much I hate college? Do they want to hear me talk about what it's like to pursue your BA degree in your thirties???

Those are the things I would talk about. Now that I've typed them out, they don't seem so bad. Perhaps it would be nice to get a glimpse inside the real me. Perhaps I should offer something more on my channel than characters and parodies. I'm real and I appreciate others who are real. (And I actually DO watch other people's vlogs, provided they talk about REAL subjects and not just superficial things.)

Ok. I guess this is me saying, I'll give it a chance. Maybe this week, or next, look for an Honest Vlog on my channel ------> HERE.

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