Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Script

Ok, so I promise myself that I was going to finish my novel - and I am, but I have also decided to turn it into a web series.

I've wanted to do a web series for a long time but I was stripped out of ideas. Then it hit me, I already have an idea....a GREAT idea!!!

I started mapping out the details of season one and it's 19 episodes long. I already have 4 scripts written. My goal is to be done before the summer. I can do it! Having a whole story already mapped out makes it easier.

I guess the thing that pushed me was after I filmed as an extra for Left 4 Dead. It made me realize that I was sitting on this amazing story that I wasn't doing anything with.

Hopefully all the writing goes well. School starts soon and I'm going to have a LOT on my plate. Oh well, being busy makes time fly!

Is anybody else writing anything new? Has anyone else wanted to start a web series?

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